Vital energy

What is vital energy ?

The vital energy is the source that gave life to everything that exists on our planet, it is the energy used to generate and regenerate life. People have qi energy, plants, animals, insects, they all have qi energy. This energy is invisible, but very important for the life of each one of us, because it circulates in our body through energy meridians, supplying all the organs, influencing our physical health and mental health. The level of qi energy can be disturbed by magnetic fields.

Low vital energy

Quantum physics and medicine have demonstrated that matter is a concentration of energy, so our bodies are also composed of condensed energy. Like any energy system, our energy system can be disturbed by external energies such as telluric energies, electromagnetic pollution, the energy of others, the energy of places or energy of objects, etc.

Likewise, people who, in the desire to advance spiritually, to have a higher vibration of their being, strive to develop their higher chakras while neglecting the lower ones, will be "ungrounded", as bioenergetics say. These people need "rooting". The energy imbalance can lead to difficulties in being mentally present, "here and now", to a feeling of dispersion, to difficulty concentrating, to a lack of mobilization to carry out a project or even for simple activities... Indeed , these people need to rebalance and revitalize their vital energy, the energy of their physical body but also of their subtle and invisible body - all the layers that make up our being.

But more often than not, our own negative thoughts and emotions consume our life energy: anger, fear, worries, low self-confidence, feelings of helplessness, negativity from others, etc. Our words and those of those around us can hurt us deeply, diminish our energy, our state of health and implicitly can attack our state of prosperity, love and relationships with others.

Disturbances of this energy system can damage all the systems of the physical body: musculoskeletal, blood, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, etc., causing physical and mental health problems.

The flow of vital energy

But it's not easy to only surround yourself with people who behave responsibly, who give others positive energy, encourage them, help them and recognize their merits. We must constantly monitor our thoughts, eliminate toxic people and toxic situations from our lives, not just toxic thoughts, because the chi energy depends on all of these.

The human being has several components, living on a set of planes: the physical plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane (soul) and the spiritual plane. The interactions between them give him the state of health. Anyone can become physically ill if he has pain, dissatisfaction in his soul, if he does not eliminate the cause in time. Pain or the appearance of a health problem is a warning signal that announces a deeper energy imbalance.

The human energy system has seven main chakras, but in total it has more than 72,000 chakras, which conduct vital energy into the subtle bodies and into the physical body, just as the physical body disposes of the activity of the: nervous system, blood system, lymphatic system.

Through the glands, in the main chakras, energy exchanges take place between the subtle bodies and the physiological structure.

An energy treatment - using a radionic device or through a subliminal program - is the solution to energize and harmonize this flow of energy.

Radionic devices that increase the level of vital energy

Fortunately, technology has also evolved in this area. Today, radionics devices can be bought and used at home, so they can be programmed to act in a personalized way, exactly for the desired purpose.

Also, thanks to subliminal radionic programs - which transmit and emit without interruption - you can receive vital energy from a distance.

Raising the level of vital energy can bring you significant improvements in all aspects of life: health, energy protection, material abundance, ascension and spiritual knowledge.


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