Canvas Talisman



Beautiful paintings, works of digital art to use at home and in all your living spaces.

Each canvas is charged with a positive intention in relation to its title.
With their beneficial vibrations, posters and paintings will radiate their positive vibes around you and bring a rain of blessings, peace, well-being and serenity in your home and places to live.

* Conforming impressions to the original work (like the lithographs) are numbered EA EA 1/1000 to 1000/1000 for a collector limited edition of 1000 copies for the whole world.

* Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the author.
* On canvas for a painting worthy of a gallery.
* Clipped and mounted on natural wood frame.
* Wooden shims inserted in the 4 corners to easily tighten the canvas
* Frame thickness 2.5 cm.
* Vivid impression on premium canvas
* Custom Packaging for maximum protection.

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