Everything comes from the mind, everything is in the mind.

The pentacle of the universal consciousness puts us in relation to it. It brings us closer to the supreme wisdom of accepting the unknown and the mystery in their impenetrable sacred.

The universal consciousness puts us in contact with the messages transmitted by the invisible guides who populate the universe, source of evolution and knowledge, ancestral heritages of a distant and mystical era that make us aware of the gigantic nature of the project Human life and its destiny.

Who are we? Where are we going to go? Where do we come from?

All these questions will remain unanswered until a new consciousness emerges: that of the balance between harmony and knowledge. A distant time on earthly scale, but so short to the clock of the universe. Nothing is revealed that should not be revealed.

The school of the world has a hidden meaning that the initiate sees through his extrasensory perception. He knows and feels, even in an awkward way, that behind the earthly dimension hides elsewhere what only death or the state of trance can pass through. And the fear of the invisible, of the unknown, of what otherwise frightens mortal man is certainly the price to be paid for the freedom to be alive in the physical and physical sense of the term.

It is the victory over the fear of death that will make us accept to be only a grain of dust on the scale of infinity. The universal consciousness nourishes man with the certainty of cosmic laws.

This pentacle allows access through meditation on his image that will bring relief against hidden fears.

This pentacle opens the consciousness by acting directly on the third eye.

This pentacle favours premonitory dreams. We can also contemplate it if we seek an answer whose solution is in the hands of the masters of wisdom. With this pentacle, you will have a direct link with the spiritual guides and the Spirit. It allows initiatory evolution, develops the gifts of clairvoyance and magnetism, it must be used with caution and respect: it is the pentacle of Reiki.

Placed in the room of a dying person, it will allay his fears and help a good death, subject to the acceptance of the dying person or by personal decision, acting without his knowledge if family or emotional ties permit.

Bath yourself at the source of the universal consciousness, and wash with its water of wisdom.


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