The principle of radionics

With the help of our radionics products, positive your mind by stimulating your subconscious

-to help you in material and financial problems,

-in the sentimental and family field,

-to protect your health and that of those you love,

-to participate in your spiritual development,

-to obtain occasional help in a specific case,

-to have better luck in life.


The term Radionics refers to the science that uses waves of forms for action at a distance!

The application of radionics

The principle of Radionics by the waves of forms is governed by the control of the vibratory energy condensation emitted by a beneficial drawing (which can be a geometric form, the symbolic representation of an object, that of a symbol, of a number or pattern specially created to achieve a particular purpose).

The purpose of controlling this emissive energy is to diffuse (at a distance) towards someone or on something (houses, land, businesses, shops, plants, etc.), in order to modify the magnetic field of the ( of) person(s), object(s) or thing(s) on whom (or for whom) one acts.

The application of radionics

This Radionic action can be generalist or targeted, in order to act specifically in very specific areas, such as health, well-being, protection, luck, love, money....

All our Radionics transmitters have been designed to provide the radionician practitioner (amateur & professional) with reliable, powerful and very high quality radionics tools.

 The majority of our transmitters have a magnetic support, to increase their vibrational radiation and give them maximum power and efficiency.

All our transmitters are made by "Raphaël Dajafée" according to precise symbolic and spiritual parameters, in the shapes, colors and test words that make them active. They have been rigorously tested and meet the highest vibration criteria.

Our Radionic transmitters are not magic tools in the primary sense of the term, they have no specific power in themselves, but by beneficially modifying the magnetic field of the user (and of those on whom or for whom we act ), they act on the subconscious to bring about the changes in attitude that should lead to the desired results.

By modifying the vibratory field of the places and things on which we act, our transmitters have a compensatory, purifying, liberating, stabilizing and energetic action which reflects beneficially on the people who live or work in the treated environment.

Radionic transmitters

Our Radionic transmitters are energy catalysts of the subconscious, tools for beneficial positivation, luck, protection, purification and spiritual aid to healing.

It is up to everyone to use them in the understanding and in the limiting measure of what they are.

Radionics is not based on scientific data, it is only measurable by dowsing (the pendulum) and its results are only conclusive by the results obtained.

In this, Radionics is similar to belief and magic, but with the fundamental difference that it is neither dogmatic nor ritualistic, and that it only calls on symbolic and geometric forces.

The use of our transmitters is safe, they can be used by everyone. A secret key locks all possibilities of use for obscure and negative ends and their applications are integrated into those of the universal laws which govern each individual destiny.

Radionics in the field of health is a soft and complementary medicine, complementary to other medicines and without contraindication or danger. It should in no way replace traditional medicine in the case of disorders and pathologies that require monitoring, treatment and medical intervention.

The help of Radionics in the field of health is mainly preventive, accelerating healing, protective and comforting.

Radionics, however, gives spectacular results to eradicate, thanks to the technique of artificial remedies, common, benign and psychosomatic illnesses, with an efficiency similar to that of homeopathy and herbal medicine.

Radionics acts in this as a stimulator of the self-healing forces that are in each of us.

Radionics has no borders! It emits beyond distances and time and its only barrier lies in the personal parameters of the psychic force of the one (or those) on whom (or towards whom) have emitted and who alone, in the night of the unconscious accepts or does not accept the transmission of Radionics messages.

This freedom of choice does not exist in the innocence of children and animals, which always react positively and spectacularly to the Radionic action, but finds in front of them the limitation of the karmic law which governs the modifying possibilities of destiny.

Don't change your life! Do not heal the one who does not want it or who does not have the right to do so in the light of human karma which seems to oblige some to accept the experience, the pain and the trials, until the understanding of the error which washes and redeems the soul.

Radionics fuses with the sacred in its selective use, people and goals to be achieved as well as the results it brings.

Selfish and negative Radionics requests and actions, often unattainable, are doomed to failure. Only requests and actions done with reason succeed.


Radionic actions that involve a second person, as in the case of emissions linked to the affective, require awareness and controlled responsibility, in the face of the consequences of the links that can be created and which very often cannot (or hardly) be fact.

The purity of the intention of love in the Radionic actions linked to the affective must be in conformity with the interior moral commitment to accept in the name of the choice of the freedom of each, the possible failure of the refusal of the other to share the love.

Radionics makes hardships bearable. It attenuates the perverse effects of reversals of fortune and makes it possible to symbiosis of rebirth by stimulating the virtues of courage and the strength needed to rebuild and restart.

It is necessary to know how to use the Radionic action in time and as a preventive measure before it is too late because its action is without effect in front of an already astrally decided situation. `

Radionics is not the truth, but it is part of the wonderful tools that the supreme intelligence that governs the universe gives us to help us in our quest for peace and happiness.

There is life before and after Radionics and they are not comparable because the use of Radionics permanently crystallizes the forces of positive creative potential of the subconscious.

Supported by a firm will with the intention of succeeding and achieving the objectives set, with the addition of the help of positive formulations or adequate prayers, the Radionics action will become the indispensable ally that will make its user a victor, a master of his destiny and the protective shield of those on whom or for whom one acts.

The fight for a happy existence can then move in the ocean of serenity of the world of tranquility.

Radionics allows us to surpass ourselves in the face of the burdens of hardship and this is where its use takes on its full meaning, geometrically taking up the philosophy of the great champions of creative positive thought such as Dr. Joseph Murphy or Emille Coué for whom misery, poverty bad luck were illnesses that by the power of thought force, one could eradicate.

Because no matter the method, even if it is only illusion and suggestion! The healer is in each of us, just suggest to him to be stronger than negativity and gain happiness and life! Radionics is a simple and fabulous method to help us.

Magic, illusion, subconscious crutch! No definition of Radionics sticks to scientific truth? Nothing can prove its effectiveness, its consistency, except the acceptance of the irrational vibratory idea, generated by the emission of the waves of forms.

Radionics mixes with the world of the invisible, with occultism through the design of designs and shapes that convey the energy of sacred geometry, a perfect illustration of the architectural symbolism drawn from the Divine center that governs the universe and our world.`

Causal plane, intrahumanoid dimension of what our inner akashic vehicle, the subconscious, feels and receives. This precious ally, formidable in its neutrality, which kills as it heals, which destroys as it lifts up, which builds our future according to the salt of the positive and negative food with which we feed it.

Faced with the subconscious, this wonderful human tool that allows us to be happy or unhappy, radionics gives us precious help to go in the positive direction, that of Light, happiness, health and life...

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