The Preventor pocket talisman

This absolutely revolutionary radionic symbol energy drawing was created following the dramatic events of September 11,2001.
Thanks to its high vibratory qualities, it stimulates the forces of protection, prevention, self-defence and premonition by acting as an instinct activator on those who possess it.
The Preventor offers symbolic protection against: Viruses, bacteria, aggressions, acts of violence, terrorism, attacks, attacks, attacks, protection during wars and conflicts, against dangers, accidents and illnesses of all kinds.
Today, in this world of uncertainty, the "Préventor" will find its place among all those who seek to protect themselves with all the means at their disposal.
The Preventor brings a spiritual and symbolic protection which has the function of "stimulating the forces of premonition" of the person who wears it. It has no other effect and its wearing must avoid and instinctively prevent danger.
Its action is limited to its talismanic function and all precautions for use in a given situation, disease, danger, etc. must be applied without hesitation.

Printing on metal for optimal quality and durability.


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