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Paiement sécurisé

Terms of sale


Thank you to read our terms of sale. Your order implies unreserved acceptance thereof.

Unless written special agreements, all orders automatically entails, on the part of the buyer, its adherence to the general terms and conditions listed below, notwithstanding any stipulation to its own terms of purchase.

In principle, having been accepted, no order may be canceled without our written agreement and provided that the cancellation fee to be borne by the buyer.

The sale is considered made upon receipt of the purchase order online through the interface of our online store and whatever the intended mode of delivery. Therefore all consignments equipment sold travel at the risk and peril of the buyer but we are committed to make the exchange in case of good faith demonstrated by the buyer and if there is damage, loss or theft of commodity.

Our deadlines are indicative. Non-compliance can give rise to damages.

5- Prices
The prices of books and articles featured on our site are given for information; it can be changed without notice during the year from us.
Our prices are all taxes and fees included deliveries. They may be revised in case of change in taxes, fees, customs duty, etc.

6.1- Conditions
Any order to be honored must be accompanied by the corresponding payment.
All payments are made to order:
- Either by credit card by paypal
- By bank check, international bank certified check, postal, Eurocheque, money order or Western Union cash.
The map Mandate is not recommended because of processing delays that would delay even sending your order.
If you choose the check payment method your order will be confirmed and therefore shipped after receipt of your payment by us.
No discount (or discount) will not be granted unless prior agreement and promotion.
Partial deliveries 6.2-
Except as expressly provided otherwise in the order, we reserve the right to make partial deliveries even if full payment of the order has been received by our accounting department.
6.3- Reserve property
In accordance with the provisions of the law, the sold goods remain our property until full payment. Notwithstanding this clause, the burden of risk is automatically transferred to the buyer from taking possession of the goods.

Postage and packaging are automatically calculated and added to the amount of the purchase of books and products.
Packages are shipped in padded envelope or in cardboard packaging.
All routes are covered by European positions in the conditions and time of it. We accept our responsibility for delays due to strikes and social movements.
No shipments are made against repayment.
For credit card payment, the credit card slip confirming your purchase is included inside your package. For payment by check the flow of the check from your bank account attests to the validity of your payment.

The majority of our items are posted online are available. However, a personalized product may take some time before being carried out and we can not immediately fulfill your order in full ,.
In this case we will notify you by email and if you still want to receive without waiting for other items available, you just have to inform us by phone call or email and tell us whether or not we should wait for the missing item or proceed with the partial shipment of goods ordered.

The guarantee of our goods is limited to replacement of a commodity which would prove to be defective. It applies only in cases where the goods or have been normal use and ceases in the following cases: lack of supervision, poor maintenance, malice, more intensive use than expected or misuse.

At any time we are able to inform you by post mail to the following address -
Goods are transported by the vagaries of postal items. For international, if after a period of one month after delivery of the parcel to a post office, it has still not been distributed, we will request a written certificate to file a claim file and request a compensation.
For shipments abroad, it can happen (rarely) that the packages are selected by the recipient country's customs. Before any claim, it must inform you as well to the Customs only from your post office.
A package not claimed by the addressee is returned to the sender (in a sometimes long delay). We keep this in return pending further instructions from you.

The use of products that are sold on our site, the writings and statements of the author are personal responsibility thereof.
It is recalled that the products sold on our sites are not drugs, they can not replace medical treatment or dispense medical advice. These are spiritual healing and alternative adjuvant. They are harmless to the body and mind.
The photographs reproduced on the site and illustrating the products do not enter the contractual field.
Our responsibility can not be engaged if an error has occurred in one of these photographs.
We can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of force majeure, including, in case of total or partial strike, flood, fire, etc. (Non exhaustive list).

In case of disputes relating to these provisions, the European court which the registered office of the company that carries out the collection orders will be the only competent regardless of the places of delivery and mode of payment accepted.

Payment options:

us$:  Bank tansfer , PayPal, Western Union,

To join us :

Representative office
Ottawa, ON
K1B 3N9
001 (613) 600 9056

For products, devices  and various objects:

international shipments d
estination: all countries
Method - Post

* We guarantee the authenticity of all products, methods, designs and works produced by Raphael Dajafée that are sold on our site. We are the legal and exclusive owners of all rights attached to the products, methods, designs and works that bear the signature of R. Dajafée. All copies and counterfeits will be subject to immediate prosecution and sanctions.

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