Men have always sought to channel the beneficial cosmic forces to obtain magical help in the fulfillment of their wishes, protection in the trials of life, and help in adversity. This can be done with talismans, pentacles and active drawings loaded with intentions and prodigious powers.

Since the dawn of time, man has drawn, invented and imaged with the help of symbols, numbers, geometrical shapes, active keys to enable him to come into contact with superior forces.

The first pentacles are born with man, whose instincts forced him to represent strong ideas in order to protect himself from danger, and whose traces can still be found today in prehistoric caves. Throughout the world, in China, among the Incas, at the heart of all civilizations, were born symbols that will become secret and sacred codes with which priests and initiates will master destinies and events.

In Egypt, talismanic science merged with an art whose remains, which we can admire in museums, will always fascinate us. From Egypt, Moses departed, leading the people of Israel to an unprecedented destiny, and from this epic was born the Kabbalah, the science of God, which is still being studied without ever having penetrated its mystery.

In China, ideograms are used, in the northern countries runic symbols, in Tibetans mandalas and in the countries of the Middle East, cabalistic formulas derived from the sacred Hebrew alphabet. Thousands of talismans and magical formulas were born and transmitted from generation to generation, often distorted by tradition, from the Indians of the Americas, from the tribes of Africa to the indigenous peoples of the tropical rainforests of South America, from Orthodox Russia with its icons to Christian Europe with its holy images, prayers on the parchment and miraculous medals.

The talisman is made of wood, stone and precious metal. It is drawn on walls, in temples, on trees, on paper, on a parchment. The talisman illustrates the books, becomes a painting, a statue, a work of art. It is engraved, drawn, worn around the neck, becomes a blessed and coveted object, but little provokes the anger of religious fanatics who forbid to wear and fight fiercely against those who use it.

The talismans and pentacles went through centuries and cultures in a constantly renewed mutation, but were frozen in an established symbolism that seemed immutable.

SOLARIA, Raphaël Dajafée's book "concept "is an event in this sense, for without denying the symbolic and talismanic heritage of the past, it brings a new vision at the dawn of the third millennium that André Malraux said would be spiritual or would not be.

Raphaël Dajafée's solar pentacle captivates us with its beauty and the beneficial vibrations it emits.

By opening ourselves to the world of SOLARIA Raphaël Dajafée wants to share with us his vision of a future full of harmony and happiness, far from all the alarmist and apocalyptic predictions.

For Raphaël Dajafée, the future of man is radiant, even if we must foresee great upheavals necessary for our evolution.

Raphaël Dajafée's approach is full of sincerity and simplicity. For him, the pentacles of Solaria's world have a mystical and divine origin, because the strange conditions in which he realized them remain a mystery to him.

The pentacles of the SOLARIA world are universal and can be worn by all without exception of races, colours and beliefs. They are our allies in helping us to live positively in the third millennium.

Whether or not one adheres to this approach, SOLARIA is an exceptional book in esoteric literature. Raphaël Dajafée draws us a world of light and color where happiness and love are the king.

Since its release in France in 1998, SOLARIA has never ceased to fascinate all those who have discovered it. Today we offer you the possibility to buy these wonderful pentacles in the form of posters or canvases.

Placed in your homes, offices and businesses, they will bring you the warmth and benefits of the magical world of SOLARIA through their extraordinary radiance.



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