THE WATER poster and canvas

The water of the world of SOLARIA is clear: it is the source of life, the water of life in the depths, the purifying water glossy. Its pentacle acts favorably on kidney diseases that it helps to make work. It is the pentacle of beauty and love, it is linked to Venus. It will be favourable to the sign of balance, bringing out the qualities of seduction and attracting love and sympathy.

This pentacle protects boat trips, cruises, swimmers, divers, fishermen, surfers. It is the pentacle of sailors, in love with the sea and water games. It is a wonderful pentacle for lovers because it has a benevolent action on sexuality.

Wash in the sun and bathe in the sea of hope. Your soul will become the clear mirror of its silvery reflections.

Drink of this water it is filled with blessings, with it you will never be thirsty again.
Thank the water of the sun, it is pure, fresh and invigorating, source of life, love and happiness.


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 Each poster or canvas is a digital copy of the author's original document.

*The posters are printed on a premium satin photo paper 250gms.

*Our high quality 450 g/m² canvas is made of pure cotton and an authentic canvas weft.

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