THE TRINITY poster and canvas

The solar pentacle of the Trinity represents the law of the triad that unites the three forces necessary for any creative act: the force of affirmation, the force of negation and the force of conciliation.

This pentacle represents life.

Its action will be beneficial to artists, doctors, writers, painters, sculptors and filmmakers. Its presence will be beneficial in all the places of creation, concert halls, art galleries.

It helps fatherhood, fights infertility and the man who wishes to conceive a child will be well advised to carry it. It represents the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit united in divine unity, the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

You can't exist alone because he would never be creative. With two there is division because it is shared. One must therefore be three, for the need to create all things.

This pentacle is beneficial to the orators, the ternary being the principle of the perfect verb, the one who gives life through thought, breath and spirit.

It represents the three worlds: material, astral, spiritual in the solar unity of the radiance of absolute and infinite love.


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 Each poster or canvas is a digital copy of the author's original document.

*The posters are printed on a premium satin photo paper 250gms.

*Our high quality 450 g/m² canvas is made of pure cotton and an authentic canvas weft.

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