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At the dawn of the third millennium, man will certainly be confronted with the trials and tribulations that are inevitable and necessary for the positive evolution of humanity.

Crises, wars, pollution, diseases, scourges of all kinds await us. Without being alarmist, the man of reason must protect himself and his family.

The ark is a protective symbol which, placed in the living places, will attract the blessing and protection of those who live there.

The symbol of the ark is the alliance between the divine and the human.

The Ark of the Biblical Covenant was the most powerful talisman ever conceived. To date, he has never been found.

The Ark is a sign of gratitude which, like the blood of the Lamb on the gates of the Hebrews, has preserved them from the last plague of Egypt.

GOD will recognize his own: the ark is linked to this quotation because GOD, the spirit of the worlds, is good, just and generous. He will send his angels to save and protect the men of the covenant, those who believe in the divine love of all religions.

With respect, near the front door of your house, put the pentacle of the ark on the wall: you will be protected from the plagues and feel a true well-being that will invade your house by filling you with love and divine blessing.

The Master of SOLARIA says:
"I have created the Ark to show you the way, the one that leads to covenant in divine love.
The ark will be your armor. She'll protect you and yours.
With this pentacle in your house, you will be united in spirit, you will have nothing to fear,
GOD will be near you.


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Each poster or canvas is a digital copy of the author's original document.

*The posters are printed on a premium satin photo paper 250gms.

*Our high quality 450 g/m² canvas is made of pure cotton and an authentic canvas weft.

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