Sacred pocket talisman pocket talismans

Pocket talisman which represents the legendary runic cryptogram of the real Sacred Talisman buried during a secret ritual in the heart of a French forest.


Made on a magnetic support for durability and maximum effect.
Dimensions of pocket talisman: width 8.40 cm, height 13.00 cm, thickness 0.3 cm


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Sacred pocket talisman

A RADIONIC rune will usually act quickly to treat a specific problem at a given time. For example, it often is used to obtain justice when someone has been tricked or cheated.


A transmitter usually acts in a way to thoroughly treat a more general problem or situation. For example, someone who regularly has financial difficulties should use a transmitter instead of a rune.


In practical terms, transmitters produce long-term thorough effects, while radionic runes are more useful in responding to the astral energies present at a given moment. This is because radionic runes are the same thing as ìmagic formulasî. As such, the Vikings used runes for writing as well as for predicting the future.


Nordic folklore teaches us other curious facts. Here is one of them : religious leaders knew the secret of talking to the forces of the beyond, to the forces of stars and planets. This was made possible by combining certain runes in a precise order. The glyph, or the "sign"  obtained from this combination of runes formed a power word that was painted on a shield, a door, or written on parchment paper or carved into a piece of wood. Popular writings also tell of prodigious acts taking place when this power word was spoken. The mysterious power of such words is recognized even today where, in Nordic regions, it is believed that elves, nymphs, fauna, and other forces of nature come to the aid of individuals when power words are spoken.


IMPORTANT : Rune catalysts are power words that you can speak, as done traditionally. This allows you to test the reality of the Nordic tradition and see the validity of the "magic" of the Northern people for yourself.


The energy of the Sacred pocket Talisman

The Talismans bring positive energy. Knowing the influence of subtle energies on people, on spaces, on their health and prosperity, the author created these pocket talismans to help people to achieve their projects, their desires: to have health, money, prosperity, happiness.

The energy with which each Talisman is charged is indicated by the name of the talisman.

This pocket talisman is a true work of art.


The author of the Sacred pocket Talisman

Creator of radionics devices and images with radionics influences, author of several radionics books, the author of these images has a remarkable experience in this field, with impressive results. He has written several books including Solaria, The Shield of Light and The Big Book of Radionix. His radionics products and his energizing designs have made his signature a reference in this field.
The author, Raphaël Dajafée, declares that in creating the images he is guided by divine forces: “I believe in the DIVINE power conveyed by the vibration of the image. »

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Sacred pocket talisman
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