In our constant research to obtain the best results for the improvement of life in the fields of: health, money, success, love and emotional and relational life we ​​have created Fantastic programs that combine active radionics with video imagery and subliminal messages.

Choose your program, email us a scan of your photo and we will create a radionic witness of you that will be attached to one of our video imaging programs and subliminal suggestions.

Then over a period of 12 months you will be entitled every day to a series of sessions of remote subliminal radionics.
With computers in permanent action the programs never stop, the radionic action lasts 24H / 24, 7 days on 7 and 365 days a year even during the holidays.

Your subconscious according to the laws of radionic action will remotely perceive the images and the thousands of positive messages that will be sent to you every day.

It is a real psychic cleansing that will occur in you and that will transform your perception about problems related to health, money, success, emotional life, form and well-being and you will find you have the strength to break through obstacles, fulfill your legitimate wishes and earn a living.

The results are spectacular, our method is unique and innovative without any danger or inconvenience. It is for all without distinction of age and it is totally compatible with all other alternative methods of medicine, spiritual and magnetic.

You have nothing to do, an email will be sent to you each day to remind you that your program is activated. It is an important daily message that aims to connect your conscious with your subconscious and that will remind you daily that you are no longer alone and that the radionic work is accomplished and that you are protected.

For a daily price of less than $ 1.50 do not miss this wonderful opportunity

Available programs

- Permanent general protection, wellness and spirit vitamins, luck and success. This program is associated with an annual protective number that acts as a digital mantra when recited by program beneficiaries. This number is changed every year.

- Health + and Long Life (for the support of patients with severe and serious pathologies and for the well-being and psychological protection of the elderly).

- Money, Business, Commerce and Enterprises (for the financial protection of people and businesses)

- Love and Sexuality (for success and emotional stability) Allows those in a couple to repair or consolidate your union and for those who are alone to find the soul mate.

- Academic Success, Competitions and Examinations.

- Anti-depression.

* For each ordered program, a second choice is offered at no charge.

* ATTENTION: In order to be effective at the long term, our programs must be validated for a one year subscription period. We do not make subscriptions for shorter periods.

* The programs will be activated within 72 hours after validation of the payment and after reception of the photo witness.


- Is it really working?

We affirmatively reply YES. The programs have been running for over 5 years and we have over 70% positive feedbacks with regular subscription renewals. Our vibration measurement were tested from a radiesthesist approach. The vibratory rate of a person whose indicator is activated on a program goes up consistently. This vibratory rate would decrease if the process is deactivated. This is unstoppable and any radiesthesist can measure it.

- Is this a placebo?

No, something really happens in the dimension of supra consciousness. The subconscious perceives the messages that are sent and it feeds on permanently the positivity of this information.

"But how is this possible?"

By the law governing the radionic action (action / emission) and the binomial that the radionic transmitter forms and the symbols of the video imagery.

- Does is work for everyone?

We all have a free will. If consciously we refuse to receive an information, a psychic barrier can hinder the radionic action. That is why we have to trust and open ourselves totally to the benifits we receive.

- What is the advantage of the program compared to other methods?

The main advantage is that there is no longer any Duality between the conscious and the subconscious. Positive thinking methods often neglect this aspect. If you are very ill, you will tell yourself that everything is going well. Unconsciously your mind will not believe it and you will not be able to reverse the negativity. With programs even if you are hurt, your subconscious will perceive messages that can not be countered by your conscious and at one point you will switch to positivity, that your conscious wants it or not. This is the wonderful and magical side of the thing. Of course this may be slow, so we insist on the annual duration of the program. It is an in depth work, some react quickly, for others it takes time, but at the end  something positive always happens. We ourselves, our friends, our parents have been on the programs for years, if we did not believe in it and if there was no result it will certainly not be the case.

- How are your videos selected? 

For years we have acquired dozens of hours of video imagery. We compiled them according to a thouroughly chosen personal protocol and  while respecting the aim and the objective of each program with secret keys that give them maximum efficiency. We chose this video support because it transmits more energy than a static image. It is the junction with the radionic mosaic in which is includes a special radionic transmitter. The latter is integrated the photo-witness that produces the work of transmission to the subconscious.

- Are the programs compatible with other radionic products or methods ?

YES absolutely, the programs reinforce their actions in all points of view, it is a plus.

The programs videos are constantly running 24 hours a day even on holidays, it never stops. These are thousands of positive images, symbols, landscapes, messages that are constantly sent to your subconscious and that are meant to help you transform your life, to forget the negative past, to give you confidence in you, to give you a boost with your projects, business, companies. To provide you with permanent psychological protection, to help you overcome your obstacles, your fears, to heal and to succeed in your life. And quietly and serenely. Every day an email will remind you.


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