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The Money Maker is an exceptional and super powerful pocket talisman that aims to increase wealth and material well-being and effectively alleviate financial constraints and hardship by increasing income of all kinds.
If you want to stabilize and protect your wealth and financial base, The Money Maker is the issuer you absolutely must acquire.
Money Maker intervenes in all fields of money, wealth, stock market, companies, games of chance, liberal professions, liberal professions, liberal professions, inheritance, etc.


Made on a magnetic support for durability and maximum effect.
Dimensions of pocket talisman: width 8.40 cm, height 13.00 cm, thickness 0.3 cm


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Money Maker pocket talisman

To attract and preserve money, there is no comparable issuer. It's an extraordinary transmitter.
With all reservations concerning the life, profession and initial situation of the subject who uses it.

Instructions for use the Money Maker pocket talisman 

To load your Money Maker, hold it in your hands and say this phrase out loud:
"Platinum, Abundance that prosperity and fortune are always with me, by grace and perfect ways and for that I connect my mind to this Super Argentier so that its beneficial vibrations always accompany me wherever I go and whatever I do. Let this be accomplished by grace and without inconvenience.

Amen..."The energy of the Money Maker pocket Talisman

The Talismans bring positive energy. Knowing the influence of subtle energies on people, on spaces, on their health and prosperity, the author created these pocket talismans to help people to achieve their projects, their desires: to have health, money, prosperity, happiness.

The energy with which each Talisman is charged is indicated by the name of the talisman.

This pocket talisman is a true work of art.

The author of the Money Maker pocket Talisman

Creator of radionics devices and images with radionics influences, author of several radionics books, the author of these images has a remarkable experience in this field, with impressive results. He has written several books including Solaria, The Shield of Light and The Big Book of Radionix. His radionics products and his energizing designs have made his signature a reference in this field.
The author, Raphaël Dajafée, declares that in creating the images he is guided by divine forces: “I believe in the DIVINE power conveyed by the vibration of the image. »

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Money Maker pocket talisman
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