HORUS poster and canvas

HORUS, posthumous son of ISIS and OSIRIS, is a solar god Egyptian. It is the symbol of victory over evil, it is the symbol of integrity, the light of knowledge and invulnerability.
HORUS brings fertility, health and clairvoyance and dispels evil spirits.
The Talisman HORUS is from Talisman of the Kings.

Our posters and canvases are truly exclusive works of art that you won't find elsewhere.
They are beautiful, but above all they release a beneficial energy and bring a rain of blessings in the places where they are placed!!
These are wonderful gifts to offer yourself or others you love.
Each poster or canvas is a digital copy of the author's original document.
*The posters are printed on a premium satin photo paper 250gms.
*Our high quality 450 g/m² canvas is made of pure cotton and an authentic canvas wef.


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