ANGEL poster and canvas

The solar angel is the guardian of the SOLARIA people. It represents the heart of the 9 angels that make up the heavenly militia. It has 72 names and multiplies to infinity because it is the guardian of every life.

Invoke the solar angel before each difficulty and you will feel his presence. Its powers are manifold. Its mission: to help you, to bring you the help you ask, to answer each of your calls. Speak to him in the secret of your heart and rest on him: he radiates love for you, God has entrusted your guard to him.

Stay serene in your solitude, the solar angel is there, he watches. Let him wrap you in his cloak and carry you on his wings. He comes from the light, he is in the light of all times, of all things.

He is the discreet and invisible guardian. Darkness feared him because he destroyed them by the power of his solar fire. An immortal spiritual warrior in the service of good, let us thank God for having created you for our good.

The pentacle of the solar angel is beneficial to all and especially to those suffering from loneliness and despair.

It is the pentacle of children, which it protects from all dangers.


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Each poster or canvas is a digital copy of the author's original document.

*The posters are printed on a premium satin photo paper 250gms.

*Our high quality 450 g/m² canvas is made of pure cotton and an authentic canvas weft.

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