Raphaël Dajafée's active talismans 

Raphaël Dajafée's active talismans have become essential objects for those looking for quality esoteric products. The spiritual honesty of the author and the vibratory quality of his creations have contributed for more than 20 years (1st edition of Radionix 1998 in France) to make his signature a quality reference with an international impact. 

Our active talismans, by stimulating your subconscious mind, have been created to help you solve material and financial problems, to help you in the emotional and family field, to protect your health and that of those you love, to participate in your spiritual development, to get occasional help in a particular case, to get lucky and to improve your life in general.

Pocket Talismans

Made on a magnetic support for durability and maximum effect.

Canvas Talismans

The canvas talismans bring positive energy into the space where they are placed. It is recommended to install them at home, office or any other place you want to charge it beneficially. Knowing the influence of subtle energies on people, on spaces, on their health and prosperity, the author created these images to help people to achieve their projects, their desires.

Our active talismans will meet the expectations and needs of enthusiasts of positive energies and alternative therapies

We guarantee the authenticity and positive vibratory quality of our products, which can be used by everyone.

If you have any questions or any information do not hesitate to contact me by email: radionic1921@gmx.com

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*Original products created by the artist "Raphaël Dajafée" .

Magnetic Talismans and Subliminal Messages

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